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Blogging With Jekyll and Linode Part 2: Git and Github

Part 2: Git and Github

Everyone has experience writing a paper, getting 10 pages in a having your word processor crash. That feeling of so much work lost and frantically attempting to get it back either by computational luck or sheer force of human memory.

Even when pressing save, have you gone down the wrong path in your writing (or coding), and just know that your previous version was better, if only the undo button would go that far.

This is where Git comes in. Git is a version control system that allows you to save snapshots of your work quickly, and revert to any save point you’ve ever created. It goes much further than a save button however, enabling you to snapshot portions of your latest work, collaborate with others who are simultaneously working on the project, remembering/explaining why the change was made, finding out who changed a particular line in the project, and backing up your project remotely.

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Blogging With Jekyll and Linode Part 1: Jekyll

Part 1: Jekyll

This is the first post in a multi-part series on creating a new blog from scratch in Jekyll and hosting it yourself with Linode and nginx. In this series I will walk the reader through the creation of this blog from first typing jekyll new to its current state.

Jekyll was described by its creator Tom Preston-Werner, co-founder of Github, as “blogging like a hacker”. I received my degree is Computer Science and am currently working as a full-time developer, but I certainly don’t believe you need to have a theoretical CS background to use Jekyll. I will try my best to go through each step in my process with the most minimal assumptions possible.

Along the way we will touch on the tools of the trade such as git, ruby, nginx, the terminal, text editors, and networking. If I miss a key area along the way and you’d like me to write about it, please leave a comment.

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What is Jekyll (and when not to use it)

Jekyll logo

Jekyll is a static site generator that serves as a file-based content management system for websites (usually blogs, but not necessarily). This description has two main keywords: static and generator.

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Why I Use ZocDoc to Find and Schedule Great Doctors

I first heard about ZocDoc from their episode of Small Empires1. ZocDoc is a service which allows patients to unite with doctors in a way that allows patients to view ratings, read reviews, and schedule appointments all from the comfort of their laptop. Founder and CEO Cyrus Massoumi put it very practically, if not eloquently, when he said “If you had a rash on your butt, you [would] come to our site, A. because you wouldn’t want to hear anyone making that call, and B. it might be after 6 o’clock [and the] doctor’s office isn’t open.”

For me though, I am going to be moving to California in the coming months, I’ll be on a new healthcare plan and will be needing to find a completely new set of doctors, dentists, optometrists, etc. Luckily, ZocDoc has a list of the “Wellness Recommendation” steps for new users.


  1. Actually thats not true, I applied there as a developer a couple years ago, but never heard back :( Oh well, they seem to be doing well without me

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A Most Excellent Adventure

Why I’m writing this blog

Let me first say, welcome to my new blog!

I’ve been thinking for a while about what I should write as my first post. I didn’t want to get right down into technical discussions to start out, and I didn’t want it to be some random one-off that will go down as the milestone first post.

So I’ve decided an introduction is in order to explain why I am writing this blog, and what the reader and myself will hopefully get out of my writing of it.

I recently graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in computer science, but as I get out into the world of professional programming I realize I still am a complete student. I rather like it that way. In this field if you are not constantly learning you will certainly be left behind. With the speed that technology is evolving you will be left behind much more quickly than in other fields. So with this view of myself as a perceptual student, I wanted to take the reader along as I document my journey toward professional and personal enlightenment.

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